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Be The Revolution



With the Revolve collection, we are turning it around. Not only have we sought out the best materials to protect you from the forces of our planet, but most importantly, with this collection we are protecting the planet itself!

We achieved this by looking for reusable resources. We believe that sustainability is in the comfort of clothes, how long they last, what materials are used in them and how we treat those around us.

That's why all of these elements are incorporated into the Revolve collection. The collection consists of more than 85% recycled mono-material that makes it easier to recycle at the end of its useful life.


LP - Revolve Assets_Drieluik_A_Coffee Yarn

What do you do with the coffee grounds after brewing a cup of coffee? You use it to color polyester fibers with nanotechnology! This adds the following properties:


  • Dry-cool effect
  • UV protection
  • Breathability
  • 4-way stretch
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Lovely soft material
LP - Revolve Assets_Drieluik_B_Mint

The unpleasant smell of sweat is caused by
isovaleric acid, which can be neutralized using the power of a renewable natural resource: the mint plant.

HEIQ Mint is added during the production of the fabric and is the next step in odor neutralization.

LP - Revolve Assets_Drieluik_C_Smart Temp

The HEIQ Smart Temp ensures proper regulation of body temperature. When the temperature rises, the fabric dissipates excess heat and stops doing so as soon as you regain your temperature. 

Smart Temp acts like a second skin and ensures that you are always comfortable at work. 


For maximum comfort, wear Revolve according to the principle of layering. For each layer, materials that support comfort have been carefully sought. Its odor neutralizing properties, moisture-wicking ability, UV protection and stretch ensures you can handle any task. It keeps you dry, warm and protected during a day's work. Each layer has its own function to work together to form the perfect work outfit. This keeps you flexible and prepared for all weather conditions.


LP - Revolve Assets_Harmonica_Layer system
1. A moisture-regulating base layer
The moisturizing base layer that is going to make your day that much better. That coffee gives us a boost of energy and gets us through the day is well known to everyone. But did you know that recycled coffee grounds can be used to produce the polyester yarns, giving them an odor-neutralizing
effect that lasts for many washes?
This innovative technology is already being used in the sports world.

In fact, the properties of coffee ensure that our tops:

  • Have a cooldry effect
  • Provide UV protection
  • Are breathable
  • Mask unpleasant odors
2. An insulating middle layer

An insulating mid-layer that will keep you warm all day while needing to be moisture-wicking.

- 72% biobased
- Less frequent washing, lower energy and water consumption
- Increased durability of textile products
- Vegan technology
- Bluesign® approved
- OEKO-TEX® certified

3. A protective outer layer

The third layer acts as a shield against rain, snow and wind. It is essential that this layer keeps your other layers dry, while still being
breathe enough to prevent overheating. It also keeps condensation from forming on the inside of the jacket.

Choose a somewhat roomy jacket so that layers 1 and 2 fit well underneath!

Depending on your outdoor activity and the temperature, you can choose between a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX jacket or the softshell. Need more freedom of movement? Then choose the bodywarmer.


With the trousers and overalls, we chose to focus on comfort, using a recycled polyester 4-way stretch. Whether you often have to be on your knees, crawl through small spaces or spend a lot of time in the car between assignments, the trousers move with you. Thanks to the HEIQ finish, the trousers and overalls stay fresher longer and regulate temperature.


LP - Revolve Assets_Carrousel_A_Werkbroek

Description: 2 back pockets, modern thigh pocket with extensive storage options including a cell phone pocket, 2 slip-in pockets, black reflective bands for enhanced visibility & 4-way stretch.

Quality: 94% rPes/6% Spandex 4-way stretch 300 gr/m2
+ HeiQ Mint & HeiQ smart temp cloth treatment

Colour: Oil blue/Black, Black

Size range: 46 – 64



LP - Revolve Assets_Gore tex

The use of flexible, breathable and waterproof textile materials provides an exceptionally soft texture and wearing comfort, allowing the garment to be worn throughout the working day.

Straight cut lines reduce fabric waste and provide further opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

Ideal for craftsmen and workers who work outdoors and are looking for a durable, highly breathable jacket that is as soft and flexible as a softshell, while providing reliable weather protection when needed.

This is achieved by combining the versatile comfort of a softshell jacket with the reliable protection of a GORE-TEX hardshell.


  • Reliable weather protection for the life of the garment.
  • Designed to be fit for use, tested and approved to Gore Performance Standards.
  • Keeps the wearer warm in windy or cold conditions and dry when exposed to heavy rain.
  • Suitable for a wide range of mixed weather conditions.
  • Highly breathable.


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