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HAVEP® 5SAFETY IMAGE + : Work hard, easy and safe.

Incredibly strong, high-quality workwear... count on it every time at HAVEP.

Our new HAVEP® 5safety Image + collection is inspired entirely by you and the needs of your business. With workwear that adapts to your body for an exceptionally good fit and free and easy movement. While the durable and fully compliant execution protects you from the risks of the work floor.

Your workwear is your calling card. Which is why it’s essential that the look and feel of your workwear matches who you are and what you do. The HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ collection now comes with a more sporty look, ensuring you feel as good as you look every time you step out onto the work floor. Our latest range of protective workwear comes in your choice of four contemporary colour combinations:

  • Royal blue - navy
  • Black - charcoal
  • Charcoal - royal blue
  • Charcoal - red

Download the brochure and discover all the smart design features that make this collection unique.


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